Free fresh herbs this week!

Free fresh herbs and more!
Come enjoy the new, fresh bounty this week!  You’ll findbeets and radishes at Gladheart Farm to add to the mix of leafy greens available.  And stop by Adelbert Farmto pick up free fresh herbs to spice up any meal!  Looking for a new adventure in cooking?  Pick up somefresh rabbit from Dry Ridge Farm and chat with Wendy for some great cooking tips!  Or if you’d rather stick with what you know, check out Samuel Creek Farms for $1 off all chicken!

What’s Fresh This Week
Specials and sales week:
Free herbs at Adelbert Farms!
$1 off all chicken at Samuel Creek Farms!


beets ~ strawberries ~ shiitake mushrooms ~ vegetable and herb starts ~ mixed greens ~ mustard greens ~ spinach ~ kale ~ red leaf lettuce ~ romaine lettuce ~ nettles ~ swiss chard ~ herbs ~ radishes ~ collards


eggs ~ chicken ~ beef ~ pork ~ lamb ~ rabbit

…And more!

artisanal breads ~ sweet and savory baked goods ~ glazed nuts ~ boiled peanuts ~ cheesecakes ~ raw chocolate ~ cacao shots ~ hanging flower baskets ~ potted plants ~ landscaping plants ~ bath salts, sprays and scrubs ~ handmade soaps ~ candles ~ jewelry ~ polymer clay crafts ~ handsewn items ~ coffee (plus fresh ground bulk) ~ coffee ice pops ~ fruit popsicles ~ kid’s accessories ~ magnets ~ pottery ~ glass art ~ herbal teas ~ organic clothing ~ cut flowers

Seasonal Recipes

Chocolate Beet Cake by Martha Stewart 

Check out the recipe here!

Kid’s Activity:

Cereal Box Weaving


Dan Keller


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