Corn, Tomatoes, and eggs of all kinds! Storytime!

The Oakley Branch of the Buncombe County library will be hosting a children’s storytime right at our market at 5pm! (Weather permitting) We’re very excited to have the folks from our local library come down to the market every Thursday in August. Be sure and show your appreciation by gathering up the little ones for the story and come down to the market this week!

It’s going to be another beautiful market day tomorrow! Come on down and enjoy the bounty of the land during high summer. Fiddlesticks Farm is bringing travel tomatoes, and piles of peppers: poblano, paprika, bell, sweet chocolate, pimento, hot, sweet, whatever you need! Gladheart Farm has a new crop of green, yellow, and purple beans sure to add some gorgeous color and flavor to your next summer meal. Whisper Holler Farms is bringing sweetcorn, freestone peaches, and blackberries just bursting with flavor! Angel Ridge Farm has several types of okra in season, as well as pole beans, sweet and hot peppers, cabbage and four types of eggplants (I didn’t realize there were that many!) Finally Farm will be bringing $2 basil bunches and fresh pesto.

Which Came First Farm has some delicious “pastured” chicken eggs. If you’re looking for something a bit different, Natalie’s Naturals is bringing some guinea fowl and duck eggs. Thanks to all this rain, they’ll be bringing some wild-harvested mushrooms as well!

Vandele Farms is having a sausage sale! If you’re an omnivore and haven’t tried the sausages from Vandele, now is your chance! Spicy cajun and Italian sausages are on sale for $6/lb and they’ll be bringing their kielbasa and brats as well!

Gluten-free cheesecake? Rachel’s Delectables has got you covered! Speaking from personal experience, cheesecake in a jar is quite a revelation!

For the ladies: Buck Naked All Naturals is bringing a pregnancy tincture made of red raspberry leaf and nettles, and a lady mix tincture with red raspberry leaf, juniper berry, and don quai.

Don’t forget to check our recipe section! Do you have a favorite recipe made with ingredients you purchased at the market? Let us know! See you at the market this week!

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